FOR THE MIND: A Quick Meditation


If you have a situation you wish to improve, you can use the MAGIC WAND technique. Calling upon intention, creative visualization, and the MAGIC WAND you will activate new possibilities and solutions. The MAGIC WAND helps open your higher superconscious mind, where all solutions are found.

Find a quiet place and start to relax by breathing in slowly and easily. Let your mind enter a meditative state, much like day-dreaming. Create a connection between your higher mind and THE MAGIC WAND. Intend this relationship to reveal what you need to know to move ahead.

These 12 steps will help you achieve MAGIC WAND mastery. Begin by asking yourself questions, discover your answers, and perfect your solutions.

1. The following question is the most important: What would I like to improve?

2. If I had a MAGIC WAND, how could I change this situation and what would I like to change it to? Imagine 3 future possibilities. Let your mind play.

3. What would it be like to LIVE in any of these possibilities? Choose one at a time.

4. Try on each possibility, in turn, with your mind (as if you are trying on clothing). Which of the 3 possibilities fit you the best and is the most comfortable?

5. Take the best of the 3 possible choices, make adjustments, until it is fits correctly.

6. Ask what barriers prevented this alteration from happening in the past?

7. Look, feel. observe any resistances or barriers. Tap these obstacles with the MAGIC WAND and use intention to let them dissolve.

8. If there are any residual resistances, wave the MAGIC WAND in a circular motion, three times over past stubborn resistances. Ask if there is any other information necessary for change.

9. Each time you wave the MAGIC WAND it fine-tunes your plan even more.

10. Allow the magic pictures of your ideal plan to become three dimensional and very real. Step into it. Watch it like a movie with you being the star.

11. Let this movie shrink enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Transfer this magic movie into a tiny pink bubble. Wave THE MAGIC WAND over the bubble and allow your projection to soar into the universe. Say 3 times, "This or something better manifests easily, for the highest good of all concerned."

12. Let it go Allow the universe, the MAGIC WAND and the pink bubble to arrange all changes. See what occurs and how your magic manifestation comes back to you. Accept new opportunities as they come along. Changes will happen. Pay Attention. Life brings surprises.
Use the MAGIC WAND over and over again with different situations and you will become an expert. Have FUN!